Standard Strata Management Services - Schedule A


  1. Assist with preparation of Administrative Fund budget.
  2. Assist with preparation of annual Reserve Fund budget.
  3. Establish and maintain the required bank accounts
  4. Investing surplus funds as instructed by Strata Council.
  5. Prepare and issue notices levying Contributions as instructed.
  6. Receive and deposit Contributions to bank accounts.
  7. Prepare and issue receipts for Contributions.
  8. Pay creditors invoices, on behalf of the Strata Company.
  9. Pay fees, disbursements and expenses incurred in connection with Strata Manager's management.
  10. Maintain financial records.
  11. Prepare and issue a monthly Administrative Fund statement.
  12. Provide financial reports for the Annual General Meeting.
  13. Provide one annual Owner's Contribution Summary.
  14. Provide one annual cash flow budget.
  15. Maintain payroll records.

Administrative Services

  1. Maintain custody of common seal.
  2. Maintain Strata Roll.
  3. Maintain AGM Meeting Minute Book.
  4. Maintain the correspondence file.
  5. Record and retain notices required under the Strata Titles Act.
  6. Refer to council, correspondence, inquiries and requests for information from proprietors.
  7. Refer to council, complaints, from proprietors and residents.
  8. Record and retain notices required under the Strata Titles Act.
  9. Respond to correspondence and enquiries on behalf of the Strata Company.
  10. Respond to complaints on behalf of the Strata Company.
  11. Attend routine telephone communication on behalf of the Strata Company.

Annual General Meeting

  1. Prepare and distribute notices of Annual General Meeting.
  2. Arrange for venue for meetings.
  3. Arrange refreshments at venue.


  1. Arrange insurance valuation as required.
  2. Obtain quotations for insurance renewal.
  3. Submit quotations to Council and renew insurances as instructed.
  4. Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims.

Repairs and Maintenance

  1. Arrange for quotations for routine maintenance and repairs.
  2. Arrange for routine maintenance and repairs to common property.
  3. Arrange for routine cleaning of common property.
  4. Arrange for routine garden maintenance of common property.

By-Laws and Legal

  1. Respond to queries from the Council regarding by-laws.

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