Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I install an air-conditioning unit?

Details of the proposal must be submitted to the Strata Council for approval prior to the commencement of any works.

Q. Can I erect a pergola in the rear garden of my unit?

Details of the proposal must be submitted to the Strata Council for approval prior to the commencement of any works.

Q. Our building needs painting but there are not sufficient funds in the Strata Company's bank account to cover the cost. What can we do?

A special levy may need to be arranged. An extraordinary general meeting will be required to approve the special levy to fund these works or alternatively a review of the annual budget could be undertaken to cover these expenses in some instances.

Q. I cannot attend a general meeting but want to send someone to vote on my behalf. How do I do this?

You will need to contact your Strata Secretary/Strata Mananger to obtain a proxy form to be completed and signed by yourself. This form should state who is to be the proxy and for what duration they will be acting on your behalf.

Q. I am a tenant in a strata building. Do I have a right to attend meetings?

No. Only owners may attend meetings unless an owner has formally appointed you as their proxy. (please see also above)

Please note that only currently financial owners are able to vote.

Q. Can I keep an animal?

Check the by-laws for your scheme to see if there is any by-law relating to the keeping of pets. If no by-law exists, permission should be sought from the Strata Council.

The Strata Council cannot prevent a resident from keeping a seeing eye dog.

Q. Can the owners of a 2 lot scheme pay all expenses on a shared basis as and when they occur?

Yes, 2 lot schemes are exempt from the keeping of a fund for administrative purposes unless there is a by-law in place to allow for this.

Q. Am I allowed to park my car on the grassed area near my unit?

An owner, occupier or other resident of a a lot cannot park or stand any motor or other vehicle on common property except with the written approval of the Strata Council.

Q. I am a resident owner without a car bay, can I use a designated visitors car bay?

As the visitor car bay is common property, you would need to seek approval and exclusive use from the Strata Council.

Q. I want to use the swimming pool at 11pm but the Strata Secretary/Strata Manager said I cannot. Is this enforceable?

If there are by-laws in existence stating hours of use, then yes these are enforceable.

Q. How can I be sure that our Strata Company has adequate insurance cover?

The Strata Council should undertake a regular written valuation by a licensed Valuer of the Strata Scheme, to ensure that the insurance cover is adequate. The Strata Council should be able to confirm these details.

Q. I have some issues that I would like addressed in the Strata Scheme. How do I go about this?

You should send an agenda item to the Strata Council with a request that it be included on the agenda of the next general meeting. Should the Strata Council not wish to act or if necessary call an Extraordinary General Meeting then 25% of owners can lodge a written requisition with the council requesting the meeting.

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