Why Appoint a Professional Management Company?

Management of the Strata Company is the responsibility of the Strata Council which has been duly elected by the members eligible to vote, in accordance with its by-laws. Although some Strata Companies are efficiently operated by their Council members, many have difficulties with the financial control and reporting requirements, knowledge and compliance with the Strata Title Act 1985 and trying to answer every member's questions and meet their requests.

Too often the management is left to a small number of owners who ultimately find the role very onerous and unsupported, which invariably leads to frustration and dissatisfaction with the situation.

This is where the employment of a professional Strata Management Company to assist the Strata Council is of great benefit to all the property owners. They will ensure that the funds are kept secure in a Trust Account, that the legal requirements are met by the Strata Company, that repairs and maintenance issues are promptly undertaken to maintain the value of the property and that professional negotiation skills are employed to resolve any issues and conflicts between members.

CARE Strata Management believes that the four essential qualities of an excellent Strata Manager are:

  1. Comprehensive working knowledge of the Strata Titles ACT 1985 to ensure that the Strata Council complies with its legal requirements.
  2. Leading accounting and administrative systems to support the Strata Council with the day-to day operation of the Strata Company
  3. Excellent practical knowledge of the building industry to control the many repairs and maintenance problems.
  4. Exceptional "people skills" to negotiate the many and varied issues that arise in a "community living" situation.

These essential qualities, together with having a Director who is a S.T.I.W.A. Accredited Strata Company Manager, work towards maintaining and improving the value of your property, whether you are an owner/occupier or an investor.

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